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History of Aynor

Affectionately called the Little Golden Town, Aynor is located in western Horry County and has close to 600 residents. Aynor got its start in the mid 1800s by a man named John Eyenner. Eyenner owned a farm which residents called "Eyenner's Farm."

Where Aynor got its name is a controversial topic. In the 1900s, Aynor acted as a terminus for a railroad from Conway and was incorporated in 1913. Some believe that the Town of Aynor takes its name from Mrs. Mary Aynor Lewis. Mary Aynor was born in 1812 in the southeastern portion of North Carolina. Her family moved to Horry County while she was still young.

In the early days, Aynor had a bustling tobacco market as well as a brickyard, cotton gin, and several mills. Today, a large mural at Eighth Avenue and South Main Street honors Aynor's railroad and tobacco history.

About Us

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We are Aynor, South Carolina, the best kept secret of the Pee Dee. Some may say we are a sleepy little town in a rural corner of the state, but visitors to the community quickly learn the values our residents have nurtured for decades.

We have deep roots, and while we may have a slower pace of life here, our citizens are proud of our small town, proud of the rows of tobacco, soy and corn that surround us, proud of the Pee-Dee River and the history of Galivant's Ferry. We are a people who have lived for generations being intimately connected with our land, working hard as stewards of that land, and allowing faith, friendships, and family to create the place we call home.

We have a bright future. Our quaint downtown, friendly restaurants, vibrant businesses, and community park remind folks of the small towns where they grew up. Most importantly, we are a community that is well grounded, populated by citizens that are honest, open and friendly. Our heritage has instilled a strong work ethic, naturally inclining our residents to become leaders that serve the community and region. Our family-based, service oriented community inspires our youth to return home to work on the family farm, open a business of their own, or simply raise their children in an environment that instills our strong values.

We are Aynor, and we have a quality of life second to none, and we invite you to come visit the place that we so proudly call home and you'll see why we say, Aynor- Deep Roots, Bright Future.


P.O. Box 66 Aynor, SC 29511 | 843-358-6231 | Fax: 843-358-0754 ┬ęTown of Aynor. All rights reserved.

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